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May 29, 2019
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May 21, 2020

Sake Rok Las Vegas

SKC Group, Marketing and Design Agency Las Vegas

Sake Rok is a 13,000 square-foot venue located in The Park on the Las Vegas Strip. In addition to serving an array of delicious sushi, Japanese cuisine and their own private Sake label, Sake Rok offers an entertainment element like none other, transforming into a high-profile dining extravaganza by night. The experience is part culinary, part performance and completely unexpected. After working with a Los Angeles based agency, the owners of Sake Rok realized they needed to work with a local company who understands the competitive Las Vegas market. Sake Rok came to us prior to opening their doors in 2015 looking to take their brand to new levels and we have done just that.

Sake Rok’s website is extremely interactive and user-friendly. We have designed each page carefully to not only convey what Sake Rok is about but to allow guests to easily navigate through the site and ultimately book a reservation. We take time to research and properly integrate specific keywords into the SEO to curate the traffic we are seeking from our targeted audiences.

Our designers have worked meticulously in order to achieve a brand standard for Sake Rok. From their logo to any visuals you see on their website and social media platforms, Sake Rok sends a consistent message that permanently lodges in the minds of their guests.

Sake Rok’s social media platforms have grown immensely over the last two years and continue to skyrocket through new followers, traffic and attention. We showcase Sake Rok in its entirety through each of the venue’s multiple social media platforms. Our social media department works hard to create a wide variety of content that displays every exciting element Sake Rok has to offer, from beautiful images of the menu items to incredible action shots of their entertainment.

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