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May 25, 2020
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May 26, 2020

The Sahara Lounge

SKC Group, Marketing and Design Agency Las Vegas

Home of the $5 Open Bar, The Sahara Lounge is a 3,000-square-foot venue located off the Las Vegas Strip. The Sahara Lounge provides their guests with gaming, bottle service, and other spectacular bar specials. There are several TV’s for guests to watch their favorite sports teams play. An array of nightly events takes place at The Sahara Lounge including live music, watch parties, comedy shows and much more. Previously the venue was named something different; the two owners came to us in need of a full Brand Management campaign. Since the opening of The Sahara Lounge, we have successfully created a unique and edgy identity for the venue that showcases everything it has to offer.

Our top priority when initially developing The Sahara Lounge website was to convey all of the different events and activations in a way that would draw customers to the venue. In addition to creating a consistent branding throughout each page of the site, our Web and Design departments work together to ensure that each photo and event flyer captures the venue’s ambiance perfectly. We work strategically to integrate specific keywords into the SEO to rise above competitors in the Las Vegas area.

Each asset created by our design team is done in-house. The department works closely with each headliner hosted at the venue to confirm that each event’s artwork stays within The Sahara Lounge brand standard. Additionally, we have created graphics to display on digital billboards around Las Vegas to further expose and advertise the venue around the city of Las Vegas.

Our Social Media department has established and built up platforms across multiple social media channels in order to spread the message of The Sahara Lounge digitally. The team creates a variety of content that is both informational, yet fun and engaging.

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