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May 25, 2020
SKC Group, Marketing and Design Agency Las Vegas
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May 26, 2020

Quite Lite

SKC Group, Marketing and Design Agency Las Vegas

Quite Lite “One person, one hour, one screwdriver.” The Quick Cabin and Tail Feather Camper are ideal for not just recreation, but a safe haven in the midst of a disaster. They are a safe space for capturing memories, slowing down, for enjoying the little things in life, and for keeping your loved ones safe. Whether you use the products to make memories, enhance a community or to rebuild a broken one, Quite Lite is here every step of the way and excited to be apart of that journey.

When designing Quite Lite’s website, our main focus was to create an interactive, informational, and user-friendly site to showcase the products. Consumers are able to visit the site and learn about the Quite Lite Quick Cabin and Tail Feather Camper. Our web team has worked tirelessly to provide an extensive list of keywords to generate organic SEO for the site.

Buying a product online is a big commitment, that is why our design team worked meticulously to create an informative and eye-catching campaign. The designs showcase the products and have created the breathtaking brand that Quite Lite is today.

Our social team has constructed a wide variety of content that displays fun and engaging elements of the Quite Lite brand. Highlighting the benefits, uses, and lifestyle of the product.

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